All I wanna do is sleep

Seems like after your children turn 5, you should be getting adequate sleep by now?? Ha! Fat chance! Yes, there is light at the end of the tunnel for new sleep deprived moms, however getting older has its challenges as well. When we added a brand new bathroom in my 5 yr olds bedroom we were overjoyed with the thought of her using the bathroom at night by herself! Alas! A bathroom of her own! But… Don’t get to excited! At 3:00 am, I hear a screaming child, calling out for mommy! ” mommy! I haf to go potty!!” So in I run to help her out. With two high powered night lights lighting up her room and bathroom, she still manages to be afraid to get up and go. Ok, ok, mommy is here. Zzzzz…. Then back to bed. An hour later, it’s my 10 yr old by my bed side! He had a bad dream. All I wanna do is sleep…


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