The ADHD vs Austism Spectrum Story Part 1

This will be Part ONE of my journey with my son starting with his birth

After 5 long years of marriage, I was finally expecting! I was hospitalized for a horrendous bladder infection at 6 months and was also working. Its a good thing I had just hired an employee to take over for me. I was currently teaching a fitness and motor skills program for preschool through 2nd grade. It was a physical job and I needed to stop. I made it through and was fine for the rest of the pregnancy, thankfully! No, I did not want to know the sex of the baby, but many of my dreams indicated that I was going to have a boy! Boy oh Boy! I had a boy! He was born by C section 3 weeks early! We named him while I was in surgery, which was a complete nightmare for me! An unexpected  early surprise. My husband was deemed my hero for sure! He took such good care of me and he changed the baby’s first diaper, and the second and third…and I was completely depressed! I mean come on! The mama is supposed to do that right?! At least the First diaper! My boy’s Apgar score was like 10! When he was born his cry was loud!!! My gosh! I can still hear it! His cry literally sounded like “Wa! Wa! Wa! Wa!”  He was one healthy baby boy!

The nurses saw how exhausted I was after he was born and my state of weepiness. They took him into the nursery so I could sleep. I partially blame the pain meds for my state of mind. They were horrible and made me hallucinate! I do not do well with pain meds today either! My boy was deemed the calmest baby in the nursery. That made me happy. So, when I finally took him home, I was expecting the same. NOT! He would not stop crying, he did not nurse well. He was all over the place. I had No clue how to take care of an infant, after all , I was a preschool teacher. Please God! I prayed, just fast forward him to 3! I will know what to do then! I was so distraught that I asked my husband to please take him back to the hospital because something was wrong. He did have jaundice but we were able to take care of that at home with some sunlight . He had one shot in the hospital for which I at the time did not know I could refuse. I believe it caused his jaundice. He had difficulty at feedings! He had horrible gas and colic and I did everything to help him. Some babies give you  warning when the are hungry or want a change of scenery with the 1, 2 or 3 “cry alarms” Alarm 1 is a soft whimper, 2 is a definite cry and 3 is full blown crying screaming combo. Well, my lil guy went strait to alarm 3! Zero warning! It was exhausting. The saving grace with him was our 100  gallon salt water fish tank. This thing calmed him down every time! My brother could calm him down with something he called “fly baby!” He would hold him like he was super man and fly him around the room. I seemed to have  had a very emotional child on my hands.

From birth, I knew something “was up” At the age of two, he was not speaking. He would say a few words here and there, but could not make a partial sentence. He learned how to sign so things would not be as frustrating for him. I took a sign language class in college before I was married and had retained quite a bit. I was now ready to use my skills with my own child. Those skills were pre planned by God, because It was an actual necessity, not just a cute thing a mom teaches her baby. I was worried about the language delay. A red flag went up for me and this is where my journey began. To be continued…..


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