Flying with a chatter box, The Blabber Mouth Diaries

photoIt’s that time of year again folks! The Great Family Vacation!

I have the quiet kid who falls asleep within the first 10 minutes of flight, and the other who, well, can stay awake and outlast us all. Being that we all had to wake up at the insane persons hour of 4:00 am to catch a flight, you would think….I repeat myself, you would THINK….that..”Outlasto” would enter the sweet land of slumbersville. Not in this lifetime! Being the supermom planner that I am, prior to departing the house in the morning, I was bustling around at 11:00 p.m to get everything ready for the next morning. Snacks, check! Leap Pad, check! Cell phone and power chord, check! Extra underwear for the dribbler who can never make it to the potty on time, check! And what the heck, I’ll make two custom sandwiches for the kids just in case! Its now 11:30 p.m. Did I mention the alarm clock was scheduled to wake us up at 4:00 am? Do you see where this is going? 4:00 arrives and my son is UP! He proclaims to be the morning hero who saves the trip because he was up before us all. Thanks buddy! Great work! Now go back in your room and put your shirt on properly as it is backwards and inside out. On the plane….. I order a coffee to wake me up as I am just a tad  sleepy. Gosh, wonder why! I have no idea what is or is Not in that coffee, but it does nothing for me.

My lil sunshine starts to chat. She is so cute siting next to me like a big girl in her seat. I’m cracking up over her spirited and spunky commentary. It’s all so sweet until I start to doze off and close my eyes. I hand her some coloring pages, a few New toys and a super awesome invisible ink activity book to keep her occupied so I can, close my eyes. This is when it all begins… Tap, Tap, tap; “Look Mommy! Look at my picture!” I respond with your typical “Nice sweetie, I like it!” and she responds with a ; “Mommy!, you didn’t look!” My eyes start to close again. Tap, Tap, Tap (this time the tap kinda hurt!) “Excuse me mommy…Wake Up!” I kindly ask her to please allow mommy to rest her eyes. I explained that I was not trying to sleep, just resting my eyes, however, she is not buying it one single, tiny bit. Arrrrg! I’m tired! Exhausted! I have been packing and planning all week and got zero sleep the night before. I start to doze off again, almost making it to the point where I feel I may begin the drooling stage of a semi coma. Tap, Tap, Tap (dang, that one stung this time!) “Mom! do you wanna sticker? Can I put it on your hair?” So, this is when I start to get agitated and start to feel some resentment toward the man who is sitting in front of me with his 10 yr old son. He is SLEEPING! He has the Quiet kid, the kid who falls asleep within the first 10 minutes of flight. That man is my husband and right now, I want to slap him. I lean forward, Tap, Tap, tap…. and whisper ” Honey,  on the way home, you are sitting with her!!” He has NO idea why I said that or that I even said it. The man is in dreamland already on his vacation while I sit next to lil miss chatterbox. She has very annoyingly but successfully gained my Full attention. I have been  adorned with  several stickers in my hair. That’s what I get for resting my eyes.  Tap, tap, tap……Zzzzz


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