Be nice and behave or else I will….

114Seriously, how many times have you heard moms say the phrase, be nice or I will…. take away your stuffed animal or take away computer time or tv time or bla ,bla ,bla. How many times have I said this? Way too many! I’m actually starting to annoy myself with this phrase. How many times do I follow through  when the unfavorable behavior does not stop? Uhhhhhhh…about 50% of the time. Its rough being the warden of the house, the bad cop, the mean mommy. I have this unrealistic vision that whenever I say this , they will get scared and magically behave. Well, I suppose they would magically behave if I followed through, like Every time! But, I admit, I don’t. Why? Because  when I proclaimed that Doggie the stuffed dog could not sleep with my little princess, it was about 11:00 in the afternoon. It is now bed time and  I feel horrible. After all, the drama occurred earlier in the day. She was quite well behaved the rest of the day and now I’m ruining a sweet bed time moment when I read her a story and kiss her goodnight. So, what is the solution to my dilemma? Maybe I should just treat the situation like a person would deal with a pet. Swift action in the heat of the moment. If she is playing with a toy at that moment, it gets taken away. Waiting until bed time is just like holding onto a grudge. From this day forth, I will try my best to not use that phrase. I will try to deal with the situation as it occurs and basically forgive, forget and move on. Let’s see how I do.

Now, you all go out there and behave! Why? Because the mama said so!


2 thoughts on “Be nice and behave or else I will….

  1. This is AWESOME! So honest and yet so universally true about being vulnerable as a parent…people will really relate to the humanity of these blogs! You go girl!

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    • Thanks for the comment! I’m still figuring it all out. I have learned that discipline is so much easier with a preschool class than my own children! It must be because children tend to listen better to everyone other than their own parents!! haha!


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