The beauty of a faith based school

The beauty of a faith based school is just that, beauty. A parent can teach their child about faith, prayer, religion but when a school reinforces that in their learning environment, its that much better. I have been praying at night with my kids ever since they were babies. My son seemed more receptive while my daughter not so much. She would just talk over me, interrupt or squirm, then school began. When your young one comes home and proclaims that God made the world, its a simple phrase but it means so much. I started my usual prayer last night and was stopped mid prayer like she always seems to do by interrupting. She says; “Mom, I wanna say the prayer.”  Surprised, I tell her to go ahead. She says; ” Dear God, I like the way you made things.” How could such a simple prayer mean so much. This made me really think. Wow, how we take God’s creation for granted. I have always prayed to God thanking him for this day, or my life, my family, but not tell him that I like the way he made things. So, the next morning as I took our new puppy out for his “get the wiggles out play,” I looked at the roses growing in my backyard. How incredible their color was. What an amazing thing, a flower. What about those leaves on that palm tree! Wow God, I sure do like the way you made things. Thank you for shining your beautiful light through the eyes of a child so that I can see. My child’s school along with her teacher are truly making a difference in my child’s spiritual journey. It is a true blessing and gift. Have a beautiful day, smell the roses, smell the fresh air, and take your puppy for a walk. Remember to let God know what you like about what he did for us. Why? Because my baby said so.


3 thoughts on “The beauty of a faith based school

  1. This is an absolutely beautiful illustration of the precious sight and receptive ears of a child and a mother. A Christian school may reinforce values in the home, but it is a sensitive heart that will cause the seeds of faith to flower.

    Such a poignant reminder of God’s handicraft, put in the simple words and observation of a child. Thank you! Today I will look at the world through the lens of a grateful mother and her little girl.

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