The Week of the school office visit and the blessing behind it

It was  a beautiful Tuesday morning at my children’s school. Tuesday Bible study was being held on campus and it is the one day I look forward to every week! The study is always informative and humorous and that is right up my alley as I am rarely serious.  I’m making it a point and a goal to not allow my mind to wander on other “life” things during the study. Stop thinking about the laundry or the new puppy or whatever is not in this Bible! I feel I’m doing quite well. I’m actually retaining information! Wow! what a concept! So, here comes a story from the Bible study leader about some little girls in my daughters class that made a visit that very morning to the office. Without naming names, she begins the story. Now this story is all and good if you Do Not have a child in this class, let alone a GIRL child. So naturally, my cheeks get flushed, my heart starts to pound, and I start feeling a mini heart attack coming on.  My mind starts to go wild…. Is it MY daughter? Was she One of those girls? How many girls are in that class anyway? Wait…let me count..1,2,3,4,5 maybe 6? Ok what are the odds it could be her! Wait! I see what’s happening here. My mind was wandering. I’m not focused. I’m too busy worrying. Satan is knocking me on the head saying; “It was her!! It was her!” So I kick Satan out and realize he is using this Bible study to work his dirty deeds. I’m sure he was having a hey day watching me worry and squirm. The study leader goes on to mention some characteristic of one of the girIs. I cant help it, I cant hold back. Literally  hiding behind the Bible study notes, I jokingly blurt out; “That sounds like my little girl! was it her?” I got a chuckle, but no answer. Now at this point I’m not sure she even knew my precious princess was even in that class, still I got no answer. Focus, focus!!! Stop worrying already. At this point I just want to be put out of my misery. Its ok if she was in the office. Its the not knowing that was driving me batty. So, I begin to re focus on the study and felt at peace until the end of the study when the girls were mentioned one last time. So, being the goof ball that I am, I blurt out, “This is killing me!” and , I get an answer. “No, it was not her!” Thank you!  Relieved, and a bit amused, I carry on with the last few minutes until I was waved to by another school official from the door window. Oh no…she IS in trouble! Why am I being called? I follow her into the office only to be told they wanted to interview me for something fun and  school related. Whew! I dodged another one. Ok, all is well. At the end of the day, driving my kids home from school, my son tells me from the back seat that he made a visit to the office that day. What!! Why on earth were you in the office? What did you do? What’s with the office today? I swear I was going to have a stroke this time, but instead I got the hiccups. Apparently, he took himself there to speak to someone about some kids who were bothering him to the point of major despair. Ok, so he took himself, he was Not sent. Alright, that’s fine. Whew! I  dodged another one. Enough is enough already.  The next day comes and as I am about to pick up my girl, she is no where to be seen. Where is she? “I’m sorry”, the teacher explains, she is in the office. Ha, ha! Funny joke! What!!?? For real? This is not happening. Knowing that I am there to pick her up, she is sent back. So I see her walking down the very long  hall, and I mean this hallway is long. Her head is down and at that moment on that day, I proclaimed the hallway my daughters hall of shame. She comes up to me. I hug her. I tell her I love her. I then ask her  why she was in the office. She looks at me with a stoic face, bends her arms at her side and says in a monotone voice; “I -am- a- Ro- bot.” She then opens the door to her classroom and walks in. Ummmm…ok then. She clearly does not want me to know. I wanna know! The mama wants to know! The mama really wants to know! I’m now experiencing a mild panic attack. The office was called and all I get was that she made a poor decision. Wow..I’m really being tested here. I’m being toyed with in a big way! Worry is destroying me. No one can tell me why she was there and my daughter tells me in the car that she forgot. Fine! I’ll let it go. Whatever it was, Im sure she deserved it. Better to go to the office now and learn the rules, right? Later on that day, I receive an email from the teacher who found out what really happened. I read it and am instantly relieved. She did not hurt anyone. She did not throw sand, She did not say a naughty word or tease another child. She went to a forbidden part of the play ground or lack there of, after being asked not to several times. She clearly deserved her sentence. This was a safety issue after all. The not knowing, the unknown, is an unnerving thing. It can drive us to a mental state of panic, worry and fret. Isn’t this what Satan wants? Well, he got it for sure. I was derailed several times and all along, I knew what was happening. So, why did I allow it? How can I prevent this from happening again?  Maybe simply remembering this day and laughing about how ridiculous it all was. My girl child Did get sent to the office. She told me that she would never do that wrong thing again. That made me happy. It also made me happy that she was sent there. Yes, I said happy. Someone took the time to keep her safe and make sure she was kept safe going forward. The next day she stayed within the play ground boundaries. She stayed on Green (positive  school reward system) she went to the treasure box and won a prize for best dressed on spirit day. Overall, her prior bad day turned into a super amazing positive day. Take that Satan! Bam!! Out of the bad, comes the good. Good always wins over  evil. God always wins. After all of my worrying and wasted time doing so, I’m reminded of Matthew 6:34.  Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.  That’s for sure!! So, if your ever have to experience a dreaded office encounter or start to worry  incessantly about anything, remember that worrying does not add a single hour to your life. It just steals it.  So, stop worrying or at least try. Why? Because Jesus said so.


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