Little Mary Tuntine’s Drama in the Lunch Line


Little Mary Tuntine was having drama in the lunch line.
Other kids would push and shove when Mary  tried not to budge.
She was small and not too fast and all the kids would run past.
She loved to eat her hot lunch, but that lunch line was just too much.
One day she lost it and said ” that is it!” Little Mary Tuntine pitched a fit. She hollered, cried, and pointed her finger, at the kid she claimed the perpetrator. ” You cut in front! You are a cutter! I’m ready to toss my bread and butter!” The lunch lady calmly took Mary aside, and said in her nicest voice” No drama in the lunch line. We must be patient with those cutters and never resort into tossing our butter.” Mary rubbed her nose and breathed a deep sigh, while the lunch lady wiped a tear from her eye. I’ll always watch out for you and those so called cutters, just remember some patience, I promise it will get better. ” Mary then put her arms up and loudly proclaimed, ” I, Mary Tuntine, promise no more drama, in the lunch line.”



2 thoughts on “Little Mary Tuntine’s Drama in the Lunch Line

  1. Mary Tuntine had a brother As I can tell you as a mother. For girls are made of honey sweet But boys are made from insect feet

    So if Mary pitched a royal fit I can tell you where she learned it. In the dirt and dingy caves Where all boys spend endless days Training girls as brassy soldiers And riding on their sister’s shoulders!

    So who can blame a blameless Mary? She was born a princess fairy. Her fitful manners came quite clearly From Brother whom she idols dearly. Alas what can a mother do? For she was once a sister, too!

    Sorry about the political incorrectness of my literary composition. 😜

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  2. If truth be known He also taught her As her school and alma mater Kindness, courage, charm and strength And love that has an endless length! So don’t write me your PC letter About how boys are so much better. I have worked in all boys’ schools And know for sure it’s girls that rule.


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