Kids,Cul-de-Sacs, Jello Shots and Drunko Bunko

What’s happening with our young moms today? I see a high rise in alcoholism in the future. How is this behavior setting a good example for young children and Tweens?

Driving down beautiful planned community’s where we all feel safe. Perfectly manicured front yards, expensive cars, kids everywhere. Extravagant birthday and block parties with jump houses, professional entertainers. It’s all there, kids have it all.

Moms feel the pressure to one up their neighbors with these events,but hasn’t it been this way for decades? Sure, but now let’s bring alcohol out onto our cul-de -sac and take this to a whole new level. Moms gathered around with their wine glasses and cheese snacks. No juice boxes onsite.
I’m not against a drink once in a while. I enjoy Good wine. I actual consider myself a wine snob. Give me mediocre wine and I will politely pour it out Into the planter of your fake Ficus tree. If it’s doesn’t taste good, it doesn’t go down!
When stressed moms want to unwind, the glasses come out and often, especially in suburbia.

I took my kids out trick or treating in the “Exclusive neighborhood” We were having such a great time until we stopped at a home where one of the male figures of the house was offering Jell-O shots to the grown up trick or treaters. Yup! Dads are also on board. Those pretty little jello containers look appetizing the kids walking by, so what’s the deal? The dad was good on making it clear that the pretty little treats were for adults only. Good for that at least. A couple of houses later, more Jell-O shots. Solo cups were everywhere. Seriously, who drinks water while trick or treating… Oh wait, that’s no water!

A mom holding her “drink”with her toddler, barreling by in a red wagon just about took out my mom! My mom and her sarcasm announced her free public message to “Not Drink and Drive.”The mom was not very appreciative of the comment and gave us a look that might kill. I thought it was hilarious, not sure why she didn’t.
I was invited to join some moms for a game of Bunko. I asked what it was and the gal started explaining the rules to me. When she saw me looking confused she said bluntly, “Oh,we just get drunk anyway so it really doesn’t matter!  Thus coining the game Drunko Bunko. I said thank you and found something else to do that night.

I’m Sure the wine was mostly likely some cheap brand, so why? Being a wine snob can save a life and prevent alcoholism! It really can!
It’s a shame moms feel they have to unwind this way. The stress to be super mom and impress the neighbors. Come on mamas get more creative!
Get your card table with your cheap bottles of wine and cheese out of the middle of the cul- de-sac! I need to make a u turn so I can pick my kid up from baseball. And lady, if your going to host a mama drinking party on your street, at least get a good bottle of Caymus because that Cold Duck will
Just give you a bad headache.

Now all you mamas go out and have your self a real good time at the Tea House! that’s where it all is!

And just to be fair, my husband did sneak one of those pretty little adult Jell-O shots that night.. Yup…but not to worry, I set him strait. Husbands Are trainable! I promise!

Because The Mama Said So


2 thoughts on “Kids,Cul-de-Sacs, Jello Shots and Drunko Bunko

  1. Hey Janice!

    This reminds me a Proverb in scripture: Food grows on the top of the earth, but below things are changed as if by fire. In other words, on the surface things make look wholesome and lush, but underneath the plant is being consumed by whatever is absorbed into the roots.

    Children are not hardy plants; their roots are delicate systems. They are drinking in the message of their parents, not only about wine, but about privilege. Which reminds me of another verse: To whom much is given, much is required.

    Parents fortunate enough to have the privileges of wealth can teach their children so much about love and giving. I hope that with their treats of vino they are also taking the time to discuss with their children the tricks of indulgence and excessiveness…not just in wine..but in all things. May their children be given a foundation of kindness, generosity, compassion, and service to others.

    Now I’ll drink to that!🍓🍷

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