Mother’s Day expectations, keep them low

Mother’s Day expectations.

Another Mother’s Day has come to pass. The morning starts out typical with your husband,( if you have one) getting the kids to help make breakfast. You are made to stay in bed, when all you really want to do is take a shower and get dressed. Then comes the breakfast. Smiling faces, sweet and delightful. Each one claiming they made the eggs or poured the juice. You smile at the overcooked eggs and half burnt toast while the minions eagerly wait for you to take your first bite. Your youngest child eyes the perfect strawberry on your plate. You can’t help but to give it to her, now leaving you with everything that’s hardly edible. Gosh, you wanted that strawberry! Home made cards and gift is always nice. I am always truly grateful for Any effort my husband puts into this day and the fact that he is instilling that honoring their mother is important. I champion him for doing this, especially when he gets flack from the kids. This is not an easy day for dads, believe me!
It’s a sweet moment. Yes, I said moment. If you do not have plans to occupy the kids for the rest of the day, you are in for chaos. I recommend you either take off and leave the kids with dad, or fill the day with something! Once the fighting, screaming and finger pointing start, I officially say that Mother’s Day has ended. It’s no longer about the mom being spoiled, it’s about the mom being stressed because she had to break up fights and control her kids. Hello! I need a day off! It’s Mother’s Day! Dad comes out and scolds the children reminding them that it’s My day… Yadda yadda… And the kids just sulk. My poor husband who tries to make this day special is in agony. the kids are made to clean up their messes and make their beds. They whine. This has got to be the worst day of a kids life! Doing tons of chores and becoming my slave for the day, it’s no wonder they proclaim anarchy and become miserable beings. I think Mother’s Day is overrated. It would be much better if we did something the kids liked, that way, they would be happy, pleasant children and not be such miserable brats. I’m canceling this day and re-scheduling. Yup.. On a day without my kids. I’m a mother after all and I do love them, but this day is filled with unrealistic expectations. Good grief, my kids still need me to care for them and when you are a mother, there is No day off. So it’s time to suck it up buttercup! I can enjoy this day when my kids are grown and we can all go out to brunch like civil beings where kicking each other under the table is a thing of the past. As I write this, I’m on the other side of my home, in a closet far, far away from anything under the age of 12. So, I’ll
Take my overcooked eggs, half burnt toast and no strawberry and hide. I will read my beautiful cards and open my gift and enjoy the day as a regular day, because those expectations of a perfect Mother’s Day are just that… Unrealistic. Peace out and enjoy your day realistically and be blessed.
Why? Because the Mama Said So


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