Children’s names being written on “The Board” as a form of discipline and Public humiliation

Writing a child’s name on “The Board” as a form of punishment/discipline is a form of public humiliation and shame. It teaches he child that even after the issue had been resolved, all is still not forgiven. It’s an invisible “stain” that stays with them until the end of the day. The entire day is then emotionally based on that One stain. It’s doesn’t matter if the rest of the day was glorious. All has been ruined because of that stain. This form of public discipline is also a confidentiality breech, as every parent who enters at the close of the school day can see who was the the “trouble maker ” of the day.
Turning cards and clipping down is just another way of this public shame, however when the child’s school number is added in place of their actual name, it’s a less shaming method, nonetheless it’s still holds the same feel, however it is at least confidential.
Solution? Problem solve, roll play, forgive, and use natural consequences to discipline. If a child colors all over the tables, make them clean it up. If they say something unkind to another student, have them make a card of apology or ask them repeat in a nice way what they were trying to convey. If a name must be added to a list as a reminder that a parent needs to be spoken to, it can be done in a less public area, such as on a piece of paper on the teachers desk. The child is still required to write their name down, it’s just not public. As a matter of fact I think this name on the board thing is rather cruel. Could you imagine if we as adults were required to publicly display our shortcomings, sins, indiscretions on our chests as we strolled down the street? This is when I’m thankful for our Heavenly Father who died for those sins. This act of discipline is another way to be nosy as well. Who is this for? The child? The parents? The other children to see so they do not repeat what the first one did? Let’s move out of the Old School ways and stick to what is Biblical. Forgive, wipe those sins clean and wipe my kids name off of your righteous board.

Why? Because the mama said so.


The Confessional It’s a Pokemon thing….

In the confessional:

A middle aged man prepares to confess his sins to a Priest at a local church. “Forgive me father for I have sinned. I have lied and deceived over 200 times this week.”

The Priest, feeling a bit nervous as to what the stranger behind the curtain may confess says; “please proceed.”

Man: “Father, I have lied, and lied, and cannot stop! I can’t control myself!”

Priest; ” Go on..”

“When I am driving my car and log onto Pokemon Go, this message pops up. It asks me if I’m a passenger. I click YES! But I’m Not a passenger, I’m the driver! And most of the time the Pokemon I catch are not even worth it, I mean how many Ekans or Ratatta do I really need?” If it was a pikachu or some other rare Pokemon like a Blastoise, I could justify it, but it’s just these low CP Pokemon! Father! I need help! I’ve never felt so dishonest…

Priest: Ok, recite 5 Our Fathers and 4 Hail Mary’s.” The priest then pauses…”Don’t forget to click on the poke stop here. The church provides 3 poke balls and two great balls..sorry No Revives, that was used up 2,000 years ago. You can also get a Razz Berry and It would certainly be a SIN to miss out on that, you know.. The Fruit of the Spirit and all..
“Oh… ( the priest whisperes) I’ll reduce you penance to 1 Hail Mary if you tell me where you found that Blastoise?”