The Confessional It’s a Pokemon thing….

In the confessional:

A middle aged man prepares to confess his sins to a Priest at a local church. “Forgive me father for I have sinned. I have lied and deceived over 200 times this week.”

The Priest, feeling a bit nervous as to what the stranger behind the curtain may confess says; “please proceed.”

Man: “Father, I have lied, and lied, and cannot stop! I can’t control myself!”

Priest; ” Go on..”

“When I am driving my car and log onto Pokemon Go, this message pops up. It asks me if I’m a passenger. I click YES! But I’m Not a passenger, I’m the driver! And most of the time the Pokemon I catch are not even worth it, I mean how many Ekans or Ratatta do I really need?” If it was a pikachu or some other rare Pokemon like a Blastoise, I could justify it, but it’s just these low CP Pokemon! Father! I need help! I’ve never felt so dishonest…

Priest: Ok, recite 5 Our Fathers and 4 Hail Mary’s.” The priest then pauses…”Don’t forget to click on the poke stop here. The church provides 3 poke balls and two great balls..sorry No Revives, that was used up 2,000 years ago. You can also get a Razz Berry and It would certainly be a SIN to miss out on that, you know.. The Fruit of the Spirit and all..
“Oh… ( the priest whisperes) I’ll reduce you penance to 1 Hail Mary if you tell me where you found that Blastoise?”


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